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  • 2008
    • September
      • First [tax-exempt qualifying] Service in our UU Center!
        Tonight, Tuesday, September 30, 2008, we held our first official service in our UU Center. This is one of the requirements to getting our Temporary CO and tax-exempt status.

        The program:

        People arriving. Rev Newberry gives Chris Holaday a hearty thumbs-up.
      • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy!!!
        Today, on Tuesday September 30, 2008, we were issued a temporary Certificate of Occupancy by Galloway Township. This means we will be eligible for tax-exempt status for the 2009 tax year. Hooray!

      • And now for the climactic frenzy
        Our rain barrels once held jalapeno puree!

        Too bad we didn't yet have the barrels in place before the heavy rain we got the weekend of September 27-28.

        We now have our address on our sign!

        A rainy wet dismal weekend shows off the beauty o

      • We're getting a kitchen!
        Kitchen cabinets have arrived.

        Also the fancy 36-inch commercial range.

        More cabinets installed around the range. These are beautiful birch (no formaldehyde laminate).

      • Ceilings and doors
        Important finishing electric additions include EXIT lights and emergency lights.

        The suspended ceiling seemed to take a long time to get done (due to complicated electrical and HVAC "guts")... holding up our final coat of paint.


      • Wheelchair accessible
        Chris' crew prepares for the cement walk that will provide wheelchair access to the front door.

        The cement is poured and the hand-made bollards are installed.
        (What is a bollard?)

      • The hot weekend
        Saturday 9/13 was a great day -- it was very hot (90) but we had a large work party.

        One of the major jobs undertaken was spreading topsoil so we could get the bare areas seeded. Also, mulch was applied around the planted areas. This was hard, hot labor using wheelbarrows.
      • ~interlude~
        On Sunday night Victor and I had to go back to the site to retrieve his truck which we had left there.

        It was a beautiful, slightly foggy night with a full moon. Through the oaks Luna appeared in all her mystery. (The little dotted lights at the bottom are the parking lot lights at Stock

      • Elevator parts, and painting (yummy colors)
        The elevator parts are delivered and await installation.

        While we wait for the electric to connected, everything (tools, lights) has to be run off this generator:

        Painting continues apace!
        The yellow chosen for the sanctuary varies by qu

      • Get ready for the elevator. And Hanna.
        Volunteer work can be very professionally done, as seen here in the tile work that T.J. Jannsch and his dad are doing in the downstairs bathrooms.

        Classrooms now are almost ready to paint.

        Did you ever wonder how drywallers get the "mud" (spackle) up onto

      • Taking shape
        A few days later, the sanctuary is sheetrocked and now feels like a real room!
        What a serene green view out those doorways.

        Looking towards the back of the sanctuary.
        The kitchen pass-through is on the right side. Also visible on the right is the door to the stairwell do

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