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Certificate of Filing obtained! 

This is what we've been waiting for -- for seemingly a long time! We now have in hand our Certificate of Filing. This is a major hurdle in what is required from the Pinelands Commssion.

More details, courtesy of Jon Luoma:

Some of you have already heard, but for all who didn’t, the congregation received word from the Pinelands Commission that we had received our “Certificate of Filing.” While this COF level of is never the final Pinelands approval, it allows us to now proceed to get township and county approvals. When we have those, we go back to Pinelands for the final sign-off.

The COF did arrive with what seemed to be a potentially unpleasant surprise. It was labeled an “inconsistent” certificate, noting that our engineers had proposed deed restricting – thus leaving it in untouched forest cover – 380 feet back from an adjacent lot, rather than the 400 feet they had asked for. They made it clear that the COF still was sufficient to obtain our local approvals in any case. Moving the line to 400 feet was a problem because it intruded into an area near the building that had to be graded to meet drainage regulations. Aside from the costly option of “moving the building” on the site plan and redoing the entire grading plan (expensive) the letter did not make clear what we could do to be “consistent.”

Richard and I met with our planner and attorney yesterday afternoon and they believe this can be solved. They plan meet in a couple of weeks with Pinelands staff to solve what appears to be a pretty minor glitch.

So its basically very good news. We will have more hurdles to clear, though.

We remain pretty close to on-track to the schedule Richard laid out at the annual meeting. Parts of the township submission, which comes next, are already prepared and that complex application should be submitted as early as the end of next week. That puts us potentially on track to go up for township approval as early as late August or early September, the next big hurdle.

No promises, because Murphy lives, but we could still be on track to break ground by the end of this year.

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