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Deck construction and electricity galore 

We're starting to see the color scheme come alive here, with the siding of yellow and green, white trim, and red metal roof over the portico. The pile of lumber, siding, and drywall scraps will be sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable portions, as required by LEED guidelines.

The red metal roof accent is carried through to the other end of the building as well.

Work by volunteers begins on the deck construction.

This is not wood, but a recycled plastic material called Trex.

A few days later, the deck is partly done; next will be the railings.

We can see the red wrapped wire of the security system, wired throughout the building...

... including the kitchen, which now has a door!

Who could imagine how much electricity goes into a building like this?

The conduit arrived on big spools.

The red portico provides a nice touch!

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