News from the Home Team...       Richard Grzywinski, Chair

And now for the climactic frenzy 

Our rain barrels once held jalapeno puree!

Too bad we didn't yet have the barrels in place before the heavy rain we got the weekend of September 27-28.

We now have our address on our sign!

A rainy wet dismal weekend shows off the beauty of our interior lights and the interior colors chosen certainly enhance this effect!

The entrance is laid with pavers. Which we ran out of. Anybody know where we can get a few more Oldcastle Colony pavers?

One of the last major things to go in was the bamboo flooring.
But first, the subfloor had to be sanded to make it perfectly level. This task fell to Chris.

We chose the darker color for the sanctuary floor, and the lighter color for the library.

Right now it is almost entirely covered with cardboard to protect it from other construction debris.

The chairs arrived, in shrinkwrap!

For his piece de resistance, TJ and his dad tiled the foyer in a beautiful running bond pattern.

The high ceiling and celestory windows provide a soaring feeling.

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