News from the Home Team...       Richard Grzywinski, Chair

Get ready for the elevator. And Hanna. 

Volunteer work can be very professionally done, as seen here in the tile work that T.J. Jannsch and his dad are doing in the downstairs bathrooms.

Classrooms now are almost ready to paint.

Did you ever wonder how drywallers get the "mud" (spackle) up onto the higher parts of the walls? Stilts!

Chris took wetvac in hand to clean up the bottom of the elevator pit in preparation for its installation later this week. Call him a muckraker!

Saturday, September 6, Tropical Storm Hanna made a visit and we had to do some quick trenching and berming to direct the heavy rains away from the building and down into the retention basin where they belong.

A very wet Saturday. But now we know what a retention basin is for.

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