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As you all know we have had Galloway Township Site Plan approval for some time.

The Atlantic County Planning Department also approved our Site Plan at a hearing on December 5. We have paid a $1,680 corridor assessment, submitted legal documents having to do with Rights-of-way, and a road opening permit when it comes time to connect to the water supply. All of this is standard.

At our December 13 meeting at the Pinelands Commission office, the Pinelands staff removed the restrictions that have held us up for so long. They promised a letter to be sent by Friday, December 21 authorizing us to proceed with construction through foundations (which is a lot) pending revision of the Site Plan to reflect the Township's agreement with the removal of the restriction. [ED Note: They did send this letter as promised.]

The Galloway Township Building Permit application will be submitted within the next week. We will also be depositing the "Inspection Escrow" that funds the inspections by the Township Engineer.

The Atlantic County Health Department has approved our septic plan design subject to the receipt of Pinelands approval.

We have a very competitive proposal from Charles Auchter to do the site clearing and earthwork, which will begin as soon as we have the Building Permit. The township will have to review our tree protection flags which have been clearly marked at the site. After the clearing, a "base course" of asphalt for our parking lot area will be laid that will take us through the construction period so that we don't cause soil erosion problems with truck traffic (the "final course" will go on last).

Bids for concrete and steel for the actual structure are due in on January 7. We will be soliciting roofing bids as soon as we decide on a "green" material, possibly Ecostar (recycled plastic), or a metal roof.

LEED certification remains a goal and Steve Fiedler is being consulted as we move forward. We decided to asphalt the parking lot instead of LEED-preferred concrete primarily due to cost concerns, but are incorporating LEED issues anywhere we can.

-- Richard Grzywinski
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