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Status of work and timeline 

Tree Removal -- Complete

Charles Auchter completed his work in record time and did an excellent job. We actually adjusted our clearing line wherever we could save an extra tree.

Earth Work -- 20% complete

The top soil has been removed and placed in two piles for future re-application. You can see the two darker piles at opposite corners of the site. The site has been enclosed by silt fence to prevent soil erosion from the site. The contractor, Ray Harvey, is excavating the stormwater detention pond starting at the corner of Pomona and Leibig. If you see the bottom of the pond, that is at about the same elevation as our basement floor. The soil he is removing is being redistributed back onto the site to raise the elevation - in some locations near the building by over 7 feet - and is being compacted by steel rollers.

On Jan 19, Ray will be continuing excavation with the hope of getting all the soils relocated and compacted before any rainfall event. That way, the site will not turn into a mud hole and cause runoff problems.

The surveyor, Mike Vargo, had a two-person survey team out there all day Jan 18 marking elevations, and the building and parking lot locations.

You will note a stone road at the entrance. That is required so trucks do not drag mud onto Leibig Avenue.

Mr Harvey will begin excavating the actual building foundation next week, having it ready for the first pour of concrete. Overall, he is doing excellent work.

Concrete -- Order placed 1/17/08

The concrete contractor, D'Amico, will be out there on February 4.
Chris Holaday and I had a good meeting with them this week and all is go.

He will excavate a trench around the entire building perimeter, 1 foot deep and 2 feet wide. This will form the support for the wall. After that cures a few days, he will be constructing the aluminum form work for the walls of the basement. The wall will be 10 inches thick and about 12 feet high, and 240 feet long. It will contain massive amounts of reinforcing steel. It will take about two weeks to construct.

At the same time, he will be excavating a 4-foot deep hole for the reinforced concrete elevator pit, as well as various concrete supports for the seven steel columns that rest in the basement.
Following this form-building, he will set anchor bolts and steel plates onto which the steelwork rests. Two more steel columns actually sit on the wall. Simultaneously, Chris Holaday will build treated wood forms that will be set into the forms at the locations of windows and air ventilation louvers. I will be ordering steel pipe sleeves to be used for running in geothermal and domestic water lines.

The pouring of concrete is highly symbolic. If you wish to observe, please let Chris or I know.

Structural Steel -- Order placed 1/18/08

New Jersey Iron will be fabricating the 9 steel columns and 22 steel beams that from the main structure, as well as anchor bolts. We authorized them to order the steel for fabrication.

LEED certification

Steve Fiedler has been monitoring all work closely and is at the site frequently. He will be leading the roof selection activities which is the next significant contract.

-- submitted by Richard Grzywinski
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