News from the Home Team...       Richard Grzywinski, Chair

Septic done and steel started 

The backfilling is now done and you can walk up to the classroom level concrete walls and peer in. Below you can see the piers for the back deck (east side of the building).

The steel (by New Jersey Iron Co.) is starting to be erected and you can see now how tall the building will be.

The septic has been completed. It is 40 feet by 40 feet by 15 feet deep. There was a successful inspection by the County on March 12.

A big job that is looming is the stabilization and seeding of the bare soil areas of the site. This is required to be done soon after the replacing of the topsoil that was scraped off the original area, so that this precious topsoil is not lost by erosion (just one good long hard rain!). We will be depending on our congregation members who like to get dirty to do this work (and thus save us thousands of dollars), so be prepared to jump to it when Jesse and Mariann ask for your assistance. It's a big area, as you can see below.

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