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The sad saga of the sod 

Our Watering Wizards are a team of dedicated volunteers that spend 90 to 120 minutes each day watering the areas where we are required to grow grass, in order to stabilize the soil around the retention basin, so as to prevent erosion.

There was some erosion occurring due to recent heavy rains, and several gullies were forming. We were advised to put sod down to stabilize the slope, since it would be a while before the seeded grass would be able to do the job effectively. A dedicated crew put this sod down during the week of May 26, in two beleaguered areas --

the main swale south of the building:

and the area receiving runoff from the road and driveway:

Alas and alack! After a work party spent hours on the morning of Saturday May 31 seeding and spreading straw over some new areas to the south and east of the building, a heavy rain played a nasty joke on us that afternoon.

Runoff from not just the land but also funneled off the entire roof of the building (no gutters yet!) created a river around the building:

which displaced the sod, sending it slip-sliding-away, into the retention basin!

the other sodded area fared a little better:

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