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Building update from Captain Richard 

The construction of the new UU Center has been proceeding very strongly. As of June 18, the entire shell of the building has been constructed, framing of the rooms at the sanctuary level is complete, and framing of the classroom level rooms is underway. Under-floor plumbing in the basement has been installed including the all-important sewage ejection system that will convey waste to our septic system. A water line has been installed to the building that is currently being used for irrigation.

Framing has begun downstairs.

We have railings!

The roof has been coated with its first level of weather protection and will very soon be followed by our “slate-look” roofing made of 100% recycled material. The exterior of the building is about to undergo the same treatment with a similar first level of weather protection followed by a durable cement-based finish of “heathered moss” siding and “woodland cream” panels. All windows and doors have been contracted and are in fabrication, and delivery is imminent. The burglar and fire alarm system has been contracted and the design approved by Galloway Township.

The contract has been signed for our geothermal heating and cooling system, and the four required wells are being installed this month. Bids for electrical work are being considered at this time. The site work is stabilized and our water retention and infiltration pond is blooming with new grass planted and nurtured by our volunteers.

Barring any difficulties with contractor performance, permits or government inspections, completion may be as early as October 15.

Some interesting statistics:

No. of design drawings…………52
No. of contracts issued to date (excluding architects and engineers)………30
No. of contracts remaining………about 19
No. of doors purchased………32, five of which are double doors
No. of windows………38, five of which were donated
Square feet of roofing………5,300
Square foot of the building………7,100 (3,600 per floor)
No. of light fixtures………138
No. of elevators………1
No. of steps from floor to floor in each of two stair towers………21
Pounds or gallons of fossil fuels to heat or cool the building………0

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