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Green roofing 

The roof is undergoing a transformation from lumber, to tarpaper, to eco-friendly slate-look tiles!

Chris Holaday and his able team apply the fancy-schmancy eco-friendly roof tiles.

Designed to mimic slate, they are actually made of recycled plastic.

An update from Captain Richard (as of July 15):

§ The roof was delivered yesterday and about 10% has been installed. It looks great! If you want to see, it’s on the far side of the building.
§ The siding and clapboard is on site. After the roof, that and the cement board soffits (under the eaves) will be installed.
§ Most of the white outside building trim has been installed. When you look at the building you’ll see the bright white outline
§ The heating and air conditioning system is being installed. The ductwork is stored in the sanctuary ready to be assembled and lifted into the ceiling. Our contractors “ductwork guy” seems great and I think we’ll get a good job. I’m waiting to hear on a delivery date for the six heat pumps and two energy recovery units.
§ We received the permit for the geothermal wells Monday and I’m waiting to hear when they’ll be installed.
§ We received the last (hooray!) Galloway Building permit, for the security system.
§ We selected the electrical contractor. He’s worked with Chris before and his pricing was excellent. He’ll be starting next week.
§ The plumbing piping (water, sewage, LP gas) is rapidly nearing completion and is almost ready for township inspection. When we finish the walls and floors, the fixtures (toilets, sinks) will be set in place.
§ We met the LP gas contractor today to determine where the 27” diameter, 4-foot high tank will go. We’re putting it in the corner near the stairwell (Stair No. 2) on the far side of the building
§ The elevator shaft is constructed and is ready for the elevator.
§ All the windows are installed. They are high quality and environ-mentally the best.
§ The doors are on order.
§ We’ll probably start the basement exterior wall insulation in the next 10 days.

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