News from the Home Team...       Richard Grzywinski, Chair

Elevator work, electrical begins, geothermal drilled 

The elevator shaft is boxed in.

and downstairs:

The electrical wiring begins.
It is done with metal-shielded product that minimizes the risk and damage in case of fire.

We have some more new signs out front, for the ductwork and geothermal.

Three wells are drilled for the geothermal.
The water coming out from 100 feet below is an even 55 degrees.
The pile of sand here is what lies below us, making up the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, one of the Pinelands Region’s most treasured assets.

The Classroom level framing:

and two weeks later, the ceiling is up:

An update from Captain Richard (as of July 24):

§ The electrician started today, so if you visit you will already see a maze of cabling running throughout the building. So far, his costs are within our budget with a little to spare. Next week, he will begin bringing power underground from the pole on Pomona Road to our building. His name is John Perone of Perone Electric, Seaville, NJ.
§ The plumbing is moving rapidly and on Tuesday we passed another Township plumbing inspection. This allows us to begin installing the Meeting Level ceiling that will cover that work. We are now putting in the Sanctuary Level plumbing in the kitchen and restrooms. The insta-hot water heater (propane fired) is being considered for location in several areas. A decision will be made Monday. No fixtures until September. Plumbing by Broadley’s from Marmora, NJ.
§ The Meeting Level ceiling is a complicated issue, and work begins this Friday by Pete Perez. We are screwing and gluing (using low-VOC glue, of course) a layer of sheetrock to the bottom of the joists, then steel “hat channels”, then two more layers of screwed-and-glued sheetrock. This gives us a two-hour fire-rated ceiling. Any penetrations through that ceiling must have fire-dampers which will close from heat, or a metal tube stuffed with fire resistant material. Getting heating, plumbing and electrical from one floor to the next takes great care to avoid a fire permit problem. You won’t even see that ceiling because we are installing suspended ceiling below that. Between the two ceilings will run heating/cooling ductwork and electrical wiring for the Meeting Level.
§ The Sanctuary ceiling ductwork is all installed. Good Job! What a sight! Broadley’s is doing our heating/cooling also. It is interesting to see how they had to snake the duct through the walls to get it from our geothermal system location to the ceiling. If you visit, you will see the duct insulated with reflective material.
§ The elevator manufacturer (Schindler) stopped by and had only a few minor changes to what we’ve done so far. They are necessarily very particular about how things must be done because of safety issues. The delivery is scheduled for September 5, and the install will take 5 to 7 working days.
§ The roof work continues although our vendor “forgot” the last two hundred square feet. The truck is reportedly “on the road”. We have only one day’s work left to finish it. It looks great. Many thanks to Chris Holaday and his hard-working crew who persevered through the heat wave up on that roof.
§ We are installing metal roofing over our portico entrance and over the two rear doors to the deck. After a few snags, they now report that delivery will probably be by Tuesday of next week. It will be installed by Barry Davis, maybe next week also.
§ The geothermal wells are being installed, and as of 2 pm today (7/24) the two extraction wells were completed. It was interesting to put my hand in the clear 55-degree water drawn up from over 100 feet below the ground and know that this water will heat and cool our building. The two injection wells are next.
§ Vineland Glass will be taking final measurements for the two doors to the deck, the door between the Hall and Sanctuary, and the front door so they can begin actual fabrication of the aluminum framing.
§ Next week the plumbing, heating and electrical will continue, and Chris Holaday’s crew will be working on final framing in the sanctuary, final work on the elevator shaft, building the meeting rooms, installing the columns under the front portico and the small deck by the kitchen, and installing the soffits under the roof cornices. If weather and schedules permit, they will begin installing the final (late-arriving) roofing and the cement-board siding.

Still striving for October 1 - Ten Weeks.
Is it OK for UUs to pray for miracles?

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